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Brief History and Background

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About Us

Brief History and Background

BVM Sanchez and Son Global Logistics, Inc.. was officially awarded the ISO 9001 version 2000 Certification for its Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Operations last January 29, 2003 at the Asian Institute of Management. This certification actually took effect last December 10, 2002. BVM was certified by Certification International.

The beginning of BVM can be traced back to the time when Mrs. Bernardina Sanchez, in partnership with a colleague, established a customs brokerage company in 1972. A few years ago, Mrs. Sanchez decided it was time to part ways with her business partner and established her own company that is BVM Sanchez & Son Customs Broker and Freight Forwarding Company, Inc.. This move however meant basically starting anew and leaving several of our major customers with the "mother" company.

With a young and dynamic team of about 25 employees, and with the leadership of Mrs. Sanchez, the company has enjoyed stable growth throughout 7 years of operations. Its base of regular clients today number about 20 companies and continues to grow steadily every years. The company however foresees going into a period of maturity in its business inasmuch as it wants to maintain a close, personalized and partnering relationship with its existing clients. The company expects its source of growth in the following years to come from a steady increase in business with its existing clients as they become more confident and convinced with the superior kind of service BVM provides.

BVM envisions itself to become a leader among the medium-sized customs brokerage and freight forwarding companies in its industry. To do this, it is time to professionalize, and formalize systems. This effort had began a few years ago with the automation of several of its processes, particularly in the areas of accounting and documentation. More significantly, the company understood how important it is to put in place systems to maintain and improve the quality of its services. This is the reason behind its investment in its ISO certification efforts.

BVM's commitments to quality can be seen from its culture. It feels that focus on customer satisfaction is the most important ingredient to its success thus far. Although certainly there is still a lot of room for improvement, the company's willingness and flexibility to bend over backwards and to adapt to ever changing customer is a key success factor. BVM has even invested in its trucking service providers to help them upgrade their fleets to comply with the strict safety requirements of clients. Some of the staff were committed to stay with customers on site, in a form of a strategic partnering for their logistical requirements. And most recently, it has invested a lot of time and resources in putting up a Quality Management Systems.

Thanks to the commitment of the employees and the help of Certification International, BVM is reaping the benefits of establishing its Quality Management System. It now has well documented process and procedures. It has clear and aligned goals and see the value of his work. It is now able to concretely monitor the quality of our services through clear performance measures. And most importantly, because of this measures, the company is able to identify areas for improving our services and we have means to actually do something about it.

BVM now feels more confident to face the challenges of tougher competition and the advent of global standards. The company's commitment to quality is stronger than ever; and through its Quality Management Systems, it has been given a means to make this commitment tangible.

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