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IATA Cargo Agent

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We, at BVM, are composed of highly competent team - driven by a common goal of providing your company with quality service.

Together, with our Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Services, we allow coordination and qualified handling of all local and international concerns of our clients.

We have created a one-stop shop for all inquiries concerning inbound or outbound shipments and its early release from customs.

Our system automatically computes the equivalent duties and taxes for both Air and Seafreight cargo either for local consumption of for warehousing.

To further enhance the monitoring of each shipment, we have a Transaction Monitoring System which allows management to monitor at real-time as to where the shipment is in the work to flow cycle.

In addition, this allows management to inform its clients the progress of their shipment as well as forecast an Expected Time of Delivery (ETD).

BVM Sanchez and Son Global Solutions, Inc. was officially awarded the ISO 9001 version 2000 Certification for its Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Operations last January 29, 2003 at the Asian Institute of Management. This certification actually took effect last December 10, 2002. BVM was certified by Certification International. - Continue...

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